DOTA 2 All Hero Challenge!

Published Thursday 19 Oct 2017 2:04pm | 0
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DOTA 2 All Hero Challenge!

I have completed Broodmother and Sand King

Brood took a few attempts and was counter picked into the ground, which was a thing of nightmares

(Keeper of the Light and Magnus duo lane)

Sand King was an easy win and a lot of fun to play.

I attempted Lion last night our team comp was Techies, Natures Prophet, Clinks, Lion and Dazzle.

We were up against Tidehunter, Rubick, Lifestealer, Monkey King and Sniper.

Surpisingly the game went for over an hour mainly thanks to Techies mines and we nearly had a shot at winning.

So today I hope to complete Lion with Witch Doctor up after that and if i have time Ember Spirit!

Wish Me Luck! 


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