DOTA 2 All Hero Challenge!

Published Monday 16 Oct 2017 11:17am | 0
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DOTA 2 All Hero Challenge!

The DOTA 2 all-hero challenge can be completed by winning a game with every single hero in the game.

You are given a list to work through sistematically, each list is randomised so no two players list are the same.

I have so far complete 54 out of 113 heroes.

My Ultimate ideal outcome at the end of this challenge is to "Get Gud" at DOTA and I figured the best way to do that was to work my way through the all-hero challenge. My stats aren't greatest and I have a lot to learn!

Through writing this blog I will be able to track my progress, something that i should have been doing since i first started the challenge.

I finished Shadow Demon, Axe and attempted Zues yesturday, unfortunately I was up against Anti Mage, a jungling Luna? The forever plauge warding Venomancer, the range buffing Drow Ranger and I lost mid to Wind Ranger.

So today I hope to complete Zues with Alchemist coming up after.

Wish me luck!



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