Mass Effect: Andromeda

Published Friday 28 Jul 2017 10:12pm
PlayStation 4

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first started playing Mass Effect: Andromeda. While the game scored a 7/10 on NZGamer, there was also a lot of negativity surrounding the glitchy graphics, a supposed SJW conspiracy and the game not being as good as the original trilogy. Despite the negativity, and given NZGamer’s positive review, I thought I’d give the ME:A the benefit of the doubt.

ME:A can be best described as 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' in space. Bioware has followed a very similar formula with respect to exploration, quests and crafting with both games DA:I's Dragon fights even have their equivalent in ME:A which faces you off against giant aliens robots known as Architects.

The game is also similar in terms of its plot development – you play as a hero who has power and responsibility thrust upon him and has to face down a powerful foe with an army of minions. In ME:A, after traveling to a distant galaxy, you have to face down a genocidal alien leader intent on assimilating you and everyone else in the galaxy.

As with DA:I, you command a team into battle but in MEA you cannot switch players. At the same time the gameplay is extremely polished and ME:A has a very fluid combat system. Gunplay works well with the games power system and the range of weapons and mods keeps combat interesting

While MEA is not the most original game I’ve ever played, it definitely ticks all the right boxes. I sunk a lot of time into the open and expansive worlds and the addition of multiplayer strike missions added a further layer of re-playability on what was already an extensive single player game. I definitely rate it for anyone looking for a good action RPG.

While I enjoyed ME:A, it was not without its flaws. Even after all the patches I did run into glitches during my play through – at one point I jumped off a cliff and fell right through the floor only to land on another part of the planet. Also, the game has a fair number of missions that have no real impact on the game or wider implications (i.e. go here, fetch this, etc).

Further, in reading this review it’s probably worth noting that (1) I only just played the game so most of the controversial the glitches have been patched, (2) I haven’t paid any attention to “Gamergate” so I have no idea what the SJW agenda is and (3) I’ve never played any of the previous games so I have no point of comparison. As such, I admit that I may not fully understand the gripes a lot of reviewers seem to have.

While some of the criticism of MEA may be warranted, I personally don’t think the game is worth writing off . I’d recommend MEA to anyone looking for a fun action RPG, particularly if you are a fan of other Bioware games.

Mass Effect: Andromeda
"Don't believe all the negativity - definitely worth playing if you're a fan of Bioware games. "
- Mass Effect: Andromeda


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