Dishonored 2

Published Thursday 6 Apr 2017 9:53pm
PlayStation 4

There are few sequels I’ve looked forward to as much as Dishonored 2. It’s been four years and a whole generation of consoles later but Dishonored 2 delivers the same combination of action and stealth that made the original game so addictive but with even bigger levels, a new plot and a whole new playable character with unique skills.

As with the original, every mission and assassination has multiple paths to completion. How many people live or die really comes down to how you want to play the game. However, Dishonored 2 doubles down on options by introducing Emily as a new playable character. While the stories mirror each other to a degree, there are subtle differences in the narrative and significant differences in play styles gives the game both depth and replayability.

While Corvo remains essentially the same as the original game, Emily’s powers are completely different and require a whole new play strategy. My favourite new ability was Emily’s Domino power which links multiple enemies together so they share the same fate. I found it to be one of the best powers for stealth players as you can use it to link and take down several enemies at once (particularly useful if there are groups of guards patrolling).

The world is Dishnored 2 is also more dynamic than the original. Not just because it’s bigger, but the game sometimes introduces whole new mechanics specific to one level (my favourite being a mansion where all your powers have been disabled but you can switch between the past and present at will!)

Overall I think Dishonored 2 was an excellent sequel and one of the best action stealth games out there at the moment. I would highly recommend this to anyone who was a fan of the original game.

Dishonored 2
"More powers, more kills and more mystery - Dishonored 2 is one of the best action stealth games out "
- Dishonored 2


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Posted by dsinnz
On Monday 10 Apr 2017 6:35 AM
just playing this now as well. I Haven't been gripped for a game like this in some time, so many ways to tackle the missions , definitely agree with the score here