The Newest Asteroids is a Multiplayer Sandbox Survival Game

The Newest Asteroids is a Multiplayer Sandbox Survival Game

Atari have announced Asteroids: Outpost, which "reinvents the classic Atari title as an open world, sandbox style, survival experience."

Asteroids: Outposts casts players as deep space miners trapped on an asteroid belt who need to mine resources, build and defend bases, and work or compete with other players to increase their fortune. It's being developed for PC by Salty Games, and will be available on Steam Early Access "soon".

"Asteroids is one of the most iconic titles in Atari’s portfolio of more than 200 games and franchises, and we’re looking forward to ushering the game into today’s digital gaming era," said Fred Chesnais, Chief Executive Officer, Atari. "We’re paying homage to the original Asteroids by incorporating classic features such as asteroid blasting capabilities, while introducing a completely new premise and gameplay. Asteroids: Outpost will appeal to both fans of the classic Asteroids as well as enthusiasts of immersive survival games and expansive MMOs."

The original Asteroids was an arcade game developed by Atari and released in 1979. In it, players controlled a spaceship and had to shoot asteroids and UFOs, which appeared with increasing frequency as the game progressed. It was one of Atari's best-selling arcade games of all time, and spawned a number of sequels - most recently, Asteroids: Gunner on iOS. 

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Posted by darklordfoamy
On Wednesday 11 Feb 2015 12:39 PM
*Looks at Asteroids looks at this game, looks at Asteroids looks at this game*. Riiiiiight but seriously what next a Tetris game where the blocks fall from the sky in a open world and you have to use them to build tools, houses and other things or what about a Pac Man game where you stalk the halls of a ruined building while being stalked by 4 killer ghosts and you have to find magical glowing pearls that banish them while you try and find the truth.
Posted by Syn-Ryn
On Wednesday 11 Feb 2015 12:49 PM
f**k off Atari, go back to being an (even more) irrelevant shell of your former self.