Report: Nintendo Plans to Upscale Switch Manufacturing

Report: Nintendo Plans to Upscale Switch Manufacturing

If you’ve been struggling to get your hands on a Switch, Nintendo may have heard your cries. After the console’s successful launch in March, findings indicate that the Japanese company plans to step up production significantly.

A recent report from the Financial Times (reported by suggests that the company wants to release 18 million more units by the end of March 2018. According to Polygon, the company is concerned that shortages over the holiday season would hamper their efforts to recover from the Wii U’s commercial failure.

It was revealed earlier this year that Nintendo already had plans to increase production due to high demand – but this current figure seems to eclipse those previously reported.

The Financial Times also added that Nintendo’s production efforts might be slowed due to a shortage of LCD screens.

The Nintendo Switch launched worldwide on March 3, 2017. It released alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which received critical acclaim.


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