Bob and Raven Return for Tekken 7

Bob and Raven Return for Tekken 7

Producer Katsuhiro Harada announced at EVO yesterday that fan-favourite characters Bob and Master Raven will be making their way to Tekken 7, which launches early next year.

Introduced in Tekken 6, Bob is an “American fighter that practices Freestyle Karate as his chosen fighting style,” reads the press release. “Possessing great strength, uncanny speed, and a wide range of attacks, Bob is one of the most well rounded fighters”

Raven originally made her debut in Tekken 5. She utilises speed and her ninjutsu fighting skills to deadly effect.

Tekken 7 is set to launch early next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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Posted by Syn-Ryn
On Wednesday 20 Jul 2016 12:46 PM
No mention of the fact that it's not the same Raven from past games? Like, Raven's a woman now, maybe noteworthy.