Published Tuesday 24 Oct 2017 12:45pm
PlayStation 4

Bloodborne is a game not for the feint hearted. This game is made to grind out the weak and challenge players in ways they have not experienced before. If you easily give up on defeat and play games at the lowest difficulty level you might as well turn tail and run from this game title. However if you are like me and strive off of being defeated only to comeback and accomplish what had you trapped then this game is right up your alley. Bloodborne is literally a game that makes you die very much so that you cannot accomplish anything without at least dying. The game is full of riddles and secret paths used to proceed and I found actually needs to be researched a little to get through it as it has no marked paths or objectives to get you from the beginning to the end and that's what's makes it beautiful. It beats you up and rewards you just enough to make you great and I personally fell in love with this torturous game. It's game mechanics are very much simple and storyline very dark and riddled and in the end you are where you began without spoiling it. I highly recommend giving this game a go if you embrace a good challenge.

"A beautiful kind of pain. A game for the strong willed."
- Bloodborne


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