New Games Releasing This Week: December 11 - 17

Just what's on the gaming agenda this week?

New Games Releasing This Week: December 11 - 17

New Games Releasing This Week: December 11 - 17

Just what's on the gaming agenda this week?

Stop Focussing on...
Stop Focussing on Technical Issues

We’re always worried about how our games perform and how well they run. Just how important are those questions?
Friday 17 Nov 1:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Switch | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 13

Hearthstone: Kobolds...
Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Brings More Cards This December

The latest expansion – slated to arrive this December – brings 136 new cards for players to collect, and more.
Monday 6 Nov 1:32pm | PC | iOS | Android | 1

Telltale’s Guardians...
Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy Gets Season Finale Next Week

In Episode Five: Don’t Stop Believin’ Star-Lord must reunite his team in one final attempt to save the galaxy.
Friday 3 Nov 8:29am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 1

Animal Crossing Mobile...
Animal Crossing Mobile Gets Details Tomorrow

You can watch the livestream here, on October 25 at 4PM NZDT. It’s currently unknown what format the game will take.
Tuesday 24 Oct 1:11pm | iOS | Android | 2

October 2017 Game...
October 2017 Game Release Schedule

It’s the spookiest month of the year – so what games do you have to look forward to? Find out inside!
Wednesday 27 Sep 8:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Switch | PC | 3DS | iOS | Android | 28

Inside Coming to...
Inside Coming to Switch, iOS

The indie darling platformer from acclaimed developer Playdead will hit the systems, but no release date has been announced.
Monday 25 Sep 1:39pm | Switch | iOS

Journey Dev Reveals...
Journey Dev Reveals Next Game, Coming to iOS Devices

ThatGameCompany is making its mobile debut with a “social adventure game” called Sky, featuring eight player co-op.
Wednesday 13 Sep 1:36pm | iOS | 7

Kiwi Game Revenue Hits...
Kiwi Game Revenue Hits $100M, But Skills and Funding Shortages Prevent Growth

In an independent survey from the NZGDA, around 42% of studios found skill shortages constrained their growth.
Tuesday 5 Sep 8:07am | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 10

The Weekend Chat:...
The Weekend Chat: Indie Darlings

From serene farming simulators, to dungeon delving stress-inducers, indie games cover a wide gamut. What are your faves?
Friday 4 Aug 3:50pm | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | Vita | 3DS | iOS | Android | 13

Pokemon Go’s...
Pokemon Go’s European Events Postponed

In what can only be a response to the fiasco that was Chicago, Niantic has delayed Europe’s events until later this year.
Tuesday 1 Aug 1:20pm | iOS | Android | 3

Pokemon Go Fest Proves...
Pokemon Go Fest Proves Rough, Attendees given Refunds and Free Legendaries

The first ever live Pokemon Go event turned out to be a bit of a nightmare, with long queues and connectivity issues.
Monday 24 Jul 8:47am | iOS | Android | 7

The Wolf Among Us...
The Wolf Among Us Continues, The Walking Dead Wraps up, and More Announced by Telltale

Developer Telltale announced three new projects just prior to San Diego Comic-Con opening this year.
Thursday 20 Jul 8:13am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | iOS | Android | 8

Top 5 Problems with...
Top 5 Problems with Pokemon Go

Twelve months on, what grinds Blair’s gears so much about Pokemon Go after most players have dropped off?
Wednesday 19 Jul 3:00pm | iOS | Android | 14

NZGDC17 Tickets Now...
NZGDC17 Tickets Now Available

The annual conference – which features talks and workshops – is being held from September 6 to 8, at Auckland’s AUT campus.
Wednesday 19 Jul 9:30am | PS4 | Xbox One | Switch | PC | 3DS | iOS | Android | 1

You Won’t Have to...
You Won’t Have to Attend Pokemon Go Fest to Get Some Rewards

The game’s first live event in Chicago might be out of reach for most, but Niantic revealed that everyone can get some bonuses.
Thursday 13 Jul 8:44am | iOS | Android | 3

Episode One of...
Episode One of Minecraft: Story Mode - Season Two Now Available

The first in a five-parter, players can continue their adventures from the first season, with their choices carrying over.
Wednesday 12 Jul 8:45am | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android

The Weekend Chat: Is...
The Weekend Chat: Is Phil Spencer Right About Single-Player Stories?

Are single-player experiences becoming less viable and less popular amidst ones with more replay value?
Friday 23 Jun 4:00pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | Vita | iOS | Android | 46

Mistwalker Announce...
Mistwalker Announce Terra Battle 2 and Spinoff Game

The founder of Mistwalker has revealed a sequel and spinoff to the original mobile game, with plans to make the series as big as Final Fantasy.
Thursday 22 Jun 2:25pm | PC | iOS | Android | 3

Pokemon Go Coming Down...
Pokemon Go Coming Down Hard on Cheaters

Players caught cheating will apparently find their Pokemon behaving unexpectedly, starting from today.
Thursday 22 Jun 10:57am | iOS | Android | 5

SEGA Releasing their...
SEGA Releasing their Games for Free on Mobile

SEGA Forever launches tomorrow, which lets you play the publishers classic games for free with adverts.
Thursday 22 Jun 8:40am | iOS | Android | 16

Blizzard and Twitch...
Blizzard and Twitch Make Streaming Deal

The deal between the popular streaming service and Blizzard will see Twitch subscribers getting free Overwatch loot boxes.
Wednesday 21 Jun 3:35pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PC | iOS | Android | 5

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