Positivity Power Armour

Published Friday 29 Sep 2017 10:05am | 5
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So as some of you guys are aware my health has taken a bad turn again. I live in chronic pain 24/7 and still have not had a formal or proper diagnosis. The public health system has failed me at every turn. 

Ive tried seeking my own ways to get help from other sources, only to be stonewalled once again. It's a frustrating and demoralising experience. 

I posted up a vent on a thread on the forums and had some awesome positive responses. Including sassysdots post about speaking to the health and disability Commission. Which has certainly helped and it's a new avenue to pursue. 


Then a few days later I got an message in my inbox from potatoe, that I had won a headset. That just made my whole day, it was one of the only positive things that had happened in the last few months. 

That kicked off a positive flow in my life, we've lost a big part of our finances so I can't realistically buy any new games and stuff. So getting that was a huge win for me. Kicked life in the nads.

I named it positivity Power Armour. Pretty catchy eh

The positivity from nzgamers community was amazing, just little things that most people probably wouldn't imagine could help certainly has. 

I wanted to callout a few members who have been super helpful and inviting me along to their games and just being super awesome people in general.

The hilarious banter on the gaming nights sometimes directed at me while they know I can't reply is awesome. Just sit there chuckling away. The funny as heck discussions we have on the forums are great too

The gaming that I've been able to do over the last few weeks has really helped me escape the dark stuff, without the encouragement to come and play I usually just wouldn't come as my mind was never quite right. But it truly has helped, I'm loving gaming again. And I hadn't really loved it since dayz mod. It's helped my mind state immensely. 

Atipuss,dvst8,dodgykiwi,potatoe,lazerops, drunk_monk, pigeon queen, cheiftai,(lol came up as queeftai),bigc, unfathomableruination, tuftsdude, sassydot, mvon,monkeyman,ostpies among many others. I want to thank you for all the good stuff you guys have done for me over the years here. 


And I want to thank nzgamer for all the great work they do, giving people a great platform to communicate and build gaming friendships. And setting up the awesome yoobee gaming nights which I always try and attend.


So thanks again all. 



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Posted by NZGamer
On Friday 29 Sep 2017 3:15 PM
Seeing this kind of positivity is great! Check your NZG inbox iludez for a bit of a surprise. :D
Posted by that_black_guy
On Sunday 1 Oct 2017 8:38 PM
Its good to see some positive come out of what seems like a horrible run of negative. And I hope some of the advice that was mentioned in regards to the back pain does lead to a helpful result
Posted by atipuss
On Monday 2 Oct 2017 7:28 AM
glad to be of help in some way iludez! Definitely stay positive and yes nzgamer is a great place!!!! :D
Posted by Bank
On Monday 2 Oct 2017 10:31 AM
You the man bro! Hope to kick it with you in Rocket League again for some upside down FeelFlopsMans.
I always read iludez as 'i love you dudez'.
Posted by BigC
On Tuesday 12 Dec 2017 8:16 PM
Ayeee I got a mention :p

Glad to hear thinks have been looking up for you recently bro :)