Ludez Top 5 Games Of 2016

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Ludez Top 5 Games Of 2016

So as many will know im a very casual gamer, in fact i barely call myself that at all. I have been on the downward trend of getting out of gaming for a few years now but always try my best to stick with it, since it's been a big part of my entire life.

I also now have two kids and my health is not in a very good place and hasn't been for a number of years which must have contributed to my gaming mojo dying.

I think it really started fading when dayz stopped being so popular, i put 1000's of hours into the mod and mods of the mod(Modception). It was my most memorable gaming time in my life and i look back fondly on those times. And i feel part of the reason i cannot get into games is they just don't have the same interaction and gameplay that it had. It was just an undescribeable experience. Bloody heart pounding stuff, meeting new people and actually catching up with people in game who i hadn't spoken to in 10 years. Which was insane!


I find myself watching lets plays more then anything now.

Anyway so i have had a couple of stints at games this year and some i actually managed to put a decent number of hours into. 

Oh yeah some are not 2016.

So here's my list of what i played.

Fallout 4

This game did get me to sink a number of hours into it, which for me is very rare. 

It was a pretty big let down for a lot of people, i hadn't played fallut 3 before but i had played 30+ hours of new vegas. Fallout 4 was a very good game, yes it has it's bethesda flaws. But as a whole it is so fun. Mindless but fun. It was such a cool experience exploring the wastleand, saldy it was to small and didn't really vary all that much but was cool nonetheless. I spent the most time playing this game this year, was pretty awesome building a settlement and having roach with me and the various other npcs you could have do your dirty work. Some of the catch phrases were bloody gold too.


Forza Horizon 3

This is a bit of a mixed bag really, it was not a better game then the previous which i sank so many hours into with nzgamer members, but i did a community night and had an absolute blast, especially the banter! Will we leave some of the details out though it did involve painting a car with man juice. The big let down for me was the cars, so little cariety and they mostly felt the same to drive. Was good for a few hours though, and i loved the drifting.


This was more of an interactive game then a movie, but my gosh was it fantastic. For the short time it lasted i was gripped the whole time. It really is a must play! Or must watch as a lets play.

Uncharted 4

Disclaimer, i never played it! However i watched the whole game played by a lets player, and i really enjoyed it far more then i would have if i actually played it. Another masterpiece from naught dog, who is just on fire these last few years. Another must play game 100%,Or just watch the cutscenes and enjoy.


Now these kinds of games are usually not my thing but man oh man this was stunning, the graphics were just beutifully done, my wife even played! And my wife never ever ever plays games! There was just something so majestic about the game, it was so relaxing and fun

Ratchet And Clank

Fantastic reboot of a great game. I played it quite abit actually, never finished it but the graphics were stunning and gameplay was very solid. An easy to play game for everyone. Wasn't really a time sinker for me but could get throw a few hours a week.



Biggest let downs for me this year.

No Mans Sky

We all know the story, some people say they enjoyed it, and that's great but i played for 5 minutes and was done. Reptitive, down right ugly, clunky and boring!


Great polished game, stunningly good looking for  a moba.But that's about it, for me it was just another corridor shooter. Too much of the same. Do not get me wrong this is a fantastic game if you are into that type. I put 5000+ hours into LOL so i get it, maybe im just older or something but for the hours i put into it.30-50+ i just didn't wan't to invest anymore time in it.

Battlefield 1

Too much of the same again, so much pew pew. Appealing to the widest audience possible hurt it and i think the core battlefield players would have gone back to bf4, if i still had my pc it's what i would have done. BF4 was just a better game, and that's saying something.


Noteable Mentions


Very polished 3rd person moba, great time killer but not much else

Minecraft Xbox One Edition

A blast playing with my 6 year old. Shout out to atipuss for hooking my son up for his Bday!


A near clone of overwatch apparently, i didn't see it that way as such. I can see it becoming a huge game. Polished and fun

Thanks for checking out my games of 2016 and a few from years gone by.



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Posted by NZGamer
On Friday 23 Dec 2016 2:29 PM
Nice list! It's cool to see some games in there that weren't in our writers' lists too!

Here's a PS+ code to celebrate our VIP competition: QK6T-J4NE-TKBQ

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Posted by iludez
On Friday 23 Dec 2016 2:50 PM
Cool thanks!

I've gone and purchased fallout 4 again for xbox one this time, as on playstation 4 my experience was a bit hampered by the extremely loud fan. Look forward to getting some more gaming in coming into the school holidays.

My 6 year old was in auckland recently and his uncle was playing some halo MCC and now my boy loves it! So that's pretty darn cool
Posted by drunk_monk
On Saturday 24 Dec 2016 9:27 AM
Great list Ludez.
Posted by iludez
On Saturday 24 Dec 2016 10:36 AM
24 December 2016, 09:27 AM Reply to drunk_monk
Great list Ludez.
Thanks mate
Posted by iludez
On Thursday 29 Dec 2016 4:13 PM
Unravel on xbox one is 75% off making it $7.50 i believe which is an absolute steal! I highly suggest picking it up