DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition

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DmC Definitive Edition
DmC Definitive Edition

It's been two years since we last saw the Devil May Cry reboot DmC. Is there any point in picking up this remastered re-release?
Tuesday 10 Mar 2015 9:30pm | PS4 | 5

DmC Devil May Cry
DmC Devil May Cry

Yes, Dante has had a dye-job and a hair-cut. But if you look past his new duds, is he worthy?
Thursday 17 Jan 2013 11:15am | PS3 | 19

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DmC: Definitive...
DmC: Definitive Edition Announced for PS4, Xbox One

The re-release has runs at 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution, with all previously released DLC and brand new game modes included.
Tuesday 16 Dec 2014 8:59am | PS4 | Xbox One | 10

DmC Devil May Cry PC...
DmC Devil May Cry PC Gameplay

A continuous sequence from the PC version of DmC Devil May Cry, showcasing the unique combat action
Monday 17 Dec 2012 4:13pm | PC

DmC Devil May Cry Demo...
DmC Devil May Cry Demo Out This Week

Capcom have released a demo for DmC Devil May Cry.
Wednesday 21 Nov 2012 12:03pm | PS3 | 360

DmC's Dante is Public...
DmC's Dante is Public Enemy Number One

A new trailer for the Devil May Cry reboot in development at Ninja Theory
Thursday 12 Apr 2012 10:11am | PS3 | 360 | 1

DmC Devil May Cry: The...
DmC Devil May Cry: The Fight Gameplay Trailer

Another new clip from the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot.
Friday 9 Dec 2011 5:21pm | PS2 | PS3 | 360 | 2

DmC Devil May Cry:...
DmC Devil May Cry: Escape Gameplay Trailer

Well that was unexpected.
Friday 9 Dec 2011 3:25pm | PS3 | 360 | 3

DmC Devil May Cry...
DmC Devil May Cry Gamescom Trailer

Retains the stylish action, fluid combat and self assured protagonist.
Wednesday 17 Aug 2011 6:00pm | PS3 | 360 | 3


DmC Devil May Cry
DmC Devil May Cry

For once it’s the Devil you don’t know that you should go with. Hackin’ slashin’ demon-killin’ funtimes with Dante and the crew.
Friday 21 Dec 2012 3:00pm | PS3 | 4

DmC Devil May Cry...
DmC Devil May Cry Hands On

DmC Devil May Cry has been quite controversial since it was unveiled, and not because of its weird double-barreled name.
Thursday 7 Jun 2012 9:55am | PS3 | 360 | 9


Opinion: In Defence of...
Opinion: In Defence of Remasters

Remastered, remade, and re-released games are more common now than ever before, but is that a bad thing? I honestly don’t think so.
Friday 15 May 2015 11:00am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | Vita | 3DS | 13

Releasing This Month:...
Releasing This Month: March 2015

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Battlefield Hardline, Bloodborne, Mario Party 10, and DmC Definitive Edition are among this month's new releases.
Monday 2 Mar 2015 7:30pm | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | Vita | 3DS | 23

Halloween Sale Roundup
Halloween Sale Roundup

With Halloween only a day away, some big sales on horror games are underway across a number of digital shopfronts. We pick out the best deals!
Wednesday 30 Oct 2013 3:39pm | PS3 | 360 | PC | Vita | PSP | 7


Win DmC Devil May Cry
Win DmC Devil May Cry

Ready to face your demons? We've got two copies on PS3 and two copies on Xbox 360 up for grabs!
Monday 14 Jan 2013 10:00am | PS3 | 360 | 32

Win Over $3,000 in...
Win Over $3,000 in Prizes With VIP!

We have a massive prize pack worth over $3,000 up for grabs in January's VIP competition.
Tuesday 1 Jan 2013 12:00am | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | Wii | PC | Vita | 3DS | DS | 106


Capcom: Remasters...
Capcom: Remasters 'Will Be One of Our Key Business Activities'

During a Q&A session at their latest financial briefing, Capcom stated that HD remasters will be one of their key strategies going forward.
Tuesday 19 May 2015 9:28am | PS4 | Xbox One | PS3 | 360 | PC | 9

Sexually Suggestive...
Sexually Suggestive Line Cut from DmC Remastered

Ninja Theory insists that the change wasn't a case of censorship, but to improve pacing, and because the line wasn't liked internally.
Tuesday 10 Mar 2015 8:39am | PS4 | Xbox One | 3

DmC: Definitive...
DmC: Definitive Edition Release Brought Forward

DmC Devil May Cry: Definitive Edition will now come out on March 10, instead of the previously announced March 17 date.
Wednesday 14 Jan 2015 2:31pm | PS4 | Xbox One | 6

Xbox Live Kicks Off...
Xbox Live Kicks Off Black Friday Deals with Gold

This week's Xbox Live Deals with Gold promotion is a bit different, running only until Monday, but with many more discounts than usual.
Wednesday 26 Nov 2014 12:44pm | Xbox One | 360 | 8

Xbox Marketplace...
Xbox Marketplace Update: 21 July - 7 August, 2014

Titanfall's Frontier's Edge DLC, Call of Duty: Ghosts's Nemesis DLC, Sacred 3, a Capcom sale, and more on Xbox this week.
Thursday 7 Aug 2014 12:53pm | Xbox One | 360 | 4

Steam Summer Sale 2014...
Steam Summer Sale 2014 Kicks Off [Updated: Day Ten]

This year's Steam Summer Sale, one of the biggest events of the year for price-conscious gamers, has kicked off.
Sunday 29 Jun 2014 10:04am | PC | 24

PlayStation Plus...
PlayStation Plus February Instant Game Collection

Next month will see BioShock Infinite, Metro: Last Light, Dynasty Warriors Next, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, and Outlast added to the IGC.
Thursday 23 Jan 2014 8:40am | PS4 | PS3 | Vita | 30

PlayStation Plus...
PlayStation Plus January Instant Game Collection

In January, PS+ members will be able to get DmC: Devil May Cry, Borderlands 2, Don't Starve, and more at no extra cost.
Saturday 14 Dec 2013 2:15pm | PS4 | PS3 | Vita | 32

Shatter Discounted by...
Shatter Discounted by 80% in Steam Sale

Other titles on sale today include DmC Devil May Cry, Sleeping Dogs, and Aliens: Colonial Marines
Wednesday 17 Jul 2013 5:30pm | PC | 5

January's VIP Winner Is...

Want to be the lucky one who is taking home thousands of dollars of the latest games and DVDs?
Monday 4 Feb 2013 3:00pm | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | PC | 41

PlayStation Store Update: 31 January, 2013

Fishing, shooting, and tight leather outfits are just the beginning of this week's update.
Thursday 31 Jan 2013 4:28pm | PS2 | PS3 | Vita | PSP | 5

Competition Winners (DmC Devil May Cry)

Could you be one of the lucky winners in one of our recent competitions? Check and see if you are!
Monday 28 Jan 2013 10:10am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 5

Releasing This Week (DmC Devil May Cry)

Three games head to shelves this week, with something on offer for everyone - even casual audiences.
Monday 14 Jan 2013 10:08am | PS3 | 360 | Wii U | 3DS | 3

DmC Devil May Cry Will Feature "Bloody Palace" Mode

A popular option from previous Devil May Cry titles, Bloody Palace is coming to DmC
Thursday 10 Jan 2013 10:36am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 1

DmC Devil May Cry Release Date Announced

Despite earlier reports, it's not going to make it in time for Christmas.
Tuesday 22 May 2012 11:29am | PS3 | 360 | PC | 1

New DmC Devil May Cry Screenshots Released

Capcom have released a bevy of new screens for the awkwardly named title
Friday 4 Nov 2011 11:34am | PS3 | 360 | 1

DmC Devil May Cry Announced

Capcom has announced DmC Devil May Cry. The new title is the result of collaboration between Ninja Theory and "key staff from Capcom's R&D...
Thursday 16 Sep 2010 12:00pm | PS3 | 360 | 6

Capcom Dishes up Some Rumors Before TGS

Capcom may have a couple of interesting announcements in store for the Tokyo Game Show. In an interview with Spanish gaming site 3D Juegos...
Friday 3 Sep 2010 9:45am | PS3 | 360 | 8