Horizon Zero Dawn

Published Saturday 24 Jun 2017 10:37pm
PlayStation 4

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game where I found myself lost in.

The story of Horizon unfolds beautifully, answering mysteries while adding more. Making you keep coming back to explore. Additional lore can be found through collectibles such as audio logs, which can enrich your experience a fair amount but isn’t necessary to enjoy the main game. Be careful while listening to audio diaries as story dialogue can overlap.

Aloy, the main character, is shown as a confident person but brash at times. Aloy though is the only one of two characters, who I felt any connection with. Many supporting characters felt 1-dimensional, being added to further the game, rather than someone I would care about. Some wonky facial animations do make the mix but not enough to take you out of the immersion.

The open world of Horizon is vast, featuring different types of locale from cites to forests. The world never felt too small but isn't the biggest for open world games. Quests are a lot more manageable as they are neatly categorised under sub-quests; main, side and errands. Never do I feel overwhelmed with the amount of quests available at any time.

The game also features a wide array of enemies to defeat and collect crafting materials from.
Coming across for the first time how large and menacing the enemies that roam the world was amazing and terrifying. Aloy can scan enemy weakness, allowing you to switch up your tactics for each encounter. Going for stealth or full on assault, combat always felt fluid and satisfaction.

As the ever-growing list of video games expand, its harder to spend quite a chunk of time into one.
Though, after nearly fifty hours, Horizon is definitely one of my favourite games of this generation.

Highly Recommended.

Horizon Zero Dawn
"A beautiful, well crafted world that is just a pleasure to be a part of."
- Horizon Zero Dawn


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