Rediscovering NZGamer

Published Tuesday 4 Jul 2017 6:31pm | 6
Rediscovering NZGamer

"Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness." - the words of an American author named Bryant Mcgill (Thanks BrainyQuote). Although I have never read any works of this seemingly inspiring author, I have found these words to be true. Any moment of spontaneous happiness in my life has been borne out of a moment of curiosity. Furthermore, the feelings of happiness from curiosity are certainly a more exciting feeling than the happiness we expect from trying a familiar food or seeing a familiar friend. The latter form of happiness is important, but the former always comes first. This is true in life as much as it is gaming. An uncurious player will never complete Lego Star Wars, nor will they fully enjoy it.

How Does Curiosity Come About?

Curiosity has a funny way of creeping up on me. It isn't something I consciously cultivate, nor do I wake up in the morning believing that today I will be particularly curious. However, I do exhibit curiosity daily. Perhaps I'll walk a different way to work, or pick something unusual from the supermarket.

Most recently, I chose to visit a Mosque for a meal. This decision was triggered by the recent Finsbury Park Attack, but behind it was an element of curiosity. I wanted to better understand Muslim culture. I have Muslim friends and they were more than happy to take me along. Visiting the Mosque made me happy for a few different reasons. Firstly, I got to eat some delicious food, secondly I got to spend time with some friends and thirdly, I was acknowledged for being a NZ-European visiting a Mosque after a horrific attack where some people lost their lives and that briefly stroked my ego.

My visit to a Mosque was clearly motivated for ancillary reasons as well as curiosity. The same cannot be said for my rediscovery of NZGamer.

Rediscovering NZ Gamer

I hate emails. My current inbox is full with over 1000 of them. Each day I open my inbox and take a moment to sigh at the mess of my digital personal life. Ugh.

It could be worse. I could still be using my old email address. I lost the password for it years ago. By now it would be full of all the spam I signed up for as a kid. Plus it wouldn't have been checked in years so there would be reams and reams of clutter and junk to sift through. There is absolutely no conceivable reason why I would try to access it.

But I did.

Today I jumped through all the hoops to get back into my old email address for no other explainable reason other than my odd fetish for curiosity.

It was just as I thought. There were hundreds upon hundreds of unopened emails from websites I had signed up to when I was a tween. One such newsletter was from NZGamer.

“Wow” I thought to myself. “I remember religiously checking that website and entering everyone one of those stupid competitions – never did win anything though…what a waste of time.” I scrolled on.

As I trawled through the NZ gamer emails I saw one that looked different. This one wasn’t a Newsletter. It was an email about a competition. A competition to win FIFA.






Time to go update my email address.





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Posted by Ron
On Sunday 16 Jul 2017 11:44 AM
Welcome back!
Posted by ChromeCobra
On Sunday 16 Jul 2017 6:02 PM
16 July 2017, 11:44 AM Reply to Ron
Welcome back!
Thanks Ron! Just happy to be here ~
Posted by ChromeCobra
On Sunday 16 Jul 2017 6:03 PM
Just realised this blog could have equally been titled "Procrastination"
Posted by argsy
On Monday 17 Jul 2017 12:25 PM
I feel your pain of your digital life, I went through my account a few months ago and unsubscribed from reams of pages but still feel cluttered! Might be time to do it again
Posted by ChromeCobra
On Monday 17 Jul 2017 5:07 PM
17 July 2017, 12:25 PM Reply to argsy
I feel your pain of your digital life, I went through my account a few months ago and unsubscribed from reams of pages but still feel cluttered! Might be time to do it again
It's worth it man. I've just started to get in the habit of archiving things to ensure I only have emails requiring actions in my inbox - its soooo much cleaner for my work flow
Posted by Nick2016NZ
On Thursday 27 Jul 2017 3:10 PM
And realised what a pile of garbage it has turned into, and never came back again. Went to that much better site Gameplanet and never looked back.