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Blair has been known to like a game or two, from big budget titles, to fun bite sized games on the go.

When he's not gaming he can be seen weeping at the many losses of the Phoenix or the mighty Warriors.

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My Recent Articles

Doom for Nintendo Switch
Doom for Nintendo Switch Review

The hyperviolent, glory killing, shooter of 2016, has come to the family friendly Nintendo ecosystem. Is the port worth your time?
Friday 1 Dec 1:35pm | Switch | 10

Monopoly Gamer Edition...
Monopoly Gamer Edition Review

Instead of releasing the same game with a visual upgrade, Monopoly Gamer edition plays with the core mechanics – but is it enough?
Monday 20 Nov 1:00pm | 6

Pokken Tournament DX
Pokken Tournament DX Review

How does the love child of Tekken and Pokémon fare, now that it’s been ported to the love child of a Wii U and a mobile phone?
Friday 29 Sep 3:00pm | Switch | 5

Matterfall Review

Take some foreign unstudied matter, add a dash of shooting, throw in a pinch of brutal bosses, and what do you get?
Tuesday 22 Aug 3:00pm | PS4 | 7

Top 5 Problems with...
Top 5 Problems with Pokemon Go

Twelve months on, what grinds Blair’s gears so much about Pokemon Go after most players have dropped off?
Wednesday 19 Jul 3:00pm | iOS | Android | 14

Micro Machines: World...
Micro Machines: World Series Review

What happens when you combine the brilliance of Micro Machines, with the racing pedigree of Codemasters? Read on to find out.
Tuesday 18 Jul 11:00am | PS4 | 3

Get Even
Get Even Review

A psychological thriller, wrapped in a FPS, wrapped in a mental hospital. Find out why Blair hasn’t turned off his lights yet.
Tuesday 27 Jun 11:00am | PS4 | 1

Symphony of the Machine
Symphony of the Machine Review

Thanks to VR you can now embrace the power of the sun, rain, and wind, to bring your pot plants to life.
Wednesday 26 Apr 3:00am | PS4

Bye-Bye BoxBoy
Bye-Bye BoxBoy Review

After two well received excursions, can lightning strike thrice in HAL’s latest puzzle adventure? Find out inside!
Friday 31 Mar 1:00pm | 3DS