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New Zealand’s premier website for gamers is the top spot to read articles by gaming journos who thread their work with a national flavour and enjoy an international reputation.

We have a passion for good writing, combined with a love for great videogames across all platforms and genres to create quality games journalism.

Our entertaining and original content is written by our team based in New Zealand, featuring writers from all walks of life, both male and female and across a wide age bracket.

The office is in Wellington, New Zealand.

From gamers to the media, we are a trusted voice.

Kiwis value our opinion.

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The NZGamer community is more than just a website, it’s a destination – whether on a desktop PC, laptop, TV, tablet, or mobile.

We've fostered a loyal community through through our forums, social channels, with regular rewards, including the new NZGamer VIP system.

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We talk and listen

The community has allowed us to build knowledge around our loyal readers – what they’re into, how they like to be talked to, and what they’re talking about.


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